April 2024 – Spring Shakedown Write-Up and Photos

April 2024 – Spring Shakedown Write-Up and Photos

Words by Rick Martin and photos by Rick Martin and Sue Kornahrens.

Saturday the 20th. started out cool and clear-sunny enough that I chose to pull the E-type out for the JOCO “Shake Down Event” My friend, Alex came over from Vancouver to help with some of the driving. Scott Dual was the organizer for the drive out and we met up with him and a good size group of other JOCO members in Milwaukie for the start up. 

We had 18 cars-mostly Jags with a Rolls Royce and a Corvette thrown in for good measure. We visited for a while then lined up and headed out with a great set of detailed instructions in hand. I mention these fine instructions as a point of discussion, in that a small group of us did NOT get lost or miss a turn but were simply exploring an alternate route for a few miles before coming back to the original one layed out in the directions. 


Scott had two rest stops in the route, the first at a park on the Willamette river and the other at the ever popular Bald Peak state park. From there we meandered on down to the Yamhill Bar and Grill for lunch. The weather was so good when we arrived that about half of us decided to dine outside. But typical of Oregon weather in April, by the time we got our menus a bit of a gusty wind had come up and some clouds started to thicken. Most of us did go back to the cars to fetch jackets but none of us gave up our outdoor seating. There was lots of good conversation and laughter at all the tables and the food was very good. We continued to chat for awhile after lunch but noted the temperature had dropped quite a bit and on the far hills we could see heavy rain showers. Yep, time to pay the bill and skeedaddle for home. A couple of folks I talked to later in the week said they had personally met up with  a shower or two  on their way home. Alex and I made the trip completely dry though we continued to see showers going by to our left and right.  I’m sure all of us would like to give Scott Dual a round of applause for his efforts at putting this event together. We can also report that the “Shake Down” had no break downs!

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