August 13th, 2022 – Astoria Rouge Drive

August 13th, 2022 – Astoria Rouge Drive

Tours – Astoria Rouge Drive

Date: August 13th, 2022

Time: 8.45 am – Please note! New meeting time, updated 080922.   

This earlier departure is to ensure we arrive at the Rogue Pier 39 Public House a bit early.

Meeting location: Westview High School 

On Saturday, August 13, members of the Jaguar Owners Club of Oregon, and any invited guests (or other interested parties) will spend a delightful day on a drive from West Portland to Astoria via delightfully scenic back roads.  Assembly for the tour will be at 8.45 AM (updated) with a 9.15 AM (updated) departure. 

The tour will be starting from Westview High School just off westbound US 26 (4200 NW 185th – take exit 64 from westbound US 26). The tour will proceed west on US 26  to the Vernonia / Oregon SR 47/Nehalem Hwy. turnoff.  Then taking Oregon State Routes 47 and 202 to Astoria. Oregon SR 202 junctions with SR 47 in the town of Mist. 

Lunch will be at the Rogue Brewery in the Astoria River Walk. Parking should be adequate for the group.

Returning to Portland, participants will have several choices:  

* Take Washington State route 401 to join Washington SR 4 eastbound toward Longview. There will be a choice of taking the last ferry across the Columbia River to Westport Oregon, continuing along SR 4 to the Longview-Rainier bridge crossing back to Oregon’s US 30 east, 

* Or following SR 4 into Longview, Washington and following the signs to I-5 south to Portland. *

* The last option would be to take Oregon us 30 directly from Astoria back to Portland. This might be the quickest route home if you are in a hurry rather than in the mood for the beautiful scenery along the Columbia River between Astoria and Portland.

Lunch: Rogue Brewery

Call or text Seth Shenker at 541-801-9553 to RSVP or submit the form below 

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