February 2024

As The Crank Turns February Event – Brothers Collection AGM For 204 Potential Trip To The Far North Scheduled For June What has Jaguar In-store for the Future? Read It Here: Electric, Hybrid, Hydrogen, ICE: What Car Should You Be Driving? British Icon May Be Sinking Fast 2024 JCNA Annual General Meeting It’s The Law […]

December 2023

Gene speaks! Tis The Season – JOCO Christmas Party 2024 Annual General Meeting How to (try to) protect against a car restoration rip-off Read It Here: Gifts For The Jaguar Lover 2024 JCNA Annual General Meeting Bylaw Revision READ IT

November 2023

Gene speaks! Seth’s Apple Cider Run Things We Do When Not in Oregon Read it HereConsider Taking a Defensive Driving Course 2024 JCNA Annual General Meeting The Stray Cat in the Garage Northwest News: SJC Report November READ IT

October 2023

Gene speaks! September Jaunt into History Scenes From the Canadian Museum of Flight All British Field Meet Revisited Read it HereWhy You Should Consider Windshield Protection Film for Your Jaguar A Look Back to September 23rd August Dawn Patrol at Lake Oz The All British Field Meet by the Numbers Northwest News: JOCO VP Musings […]

September 2023

Gene speaks! JCNA Concours D’Elegance ABFM Guest Speaker Announced! Winner of the 1993 Camel Trophy,Tim Hensley So Much More Than a Car Show! Read it HereRIP Jaguar I-Pace: What’s Coming Instead Jaguars on the Farm in Revue JLR: Bespoke JEA Platformfor New Jaguar GT EV McMinnville Scottish Festival … Northwest News: SJC Report READ IT

August 2023

Gene speaks! JCNA Concours D’Elegance All British Field Meet Read it here: Why You Might Want to Consider a Dash Camera Cruisin the Peninsula JCNA Report Jaguars on the Island 2023 READ IT

July 2023

Gene speaks! Drive to circumnavigate Mt Hood Read it here: Jaguar’s Electric Car Pivot Just Hit A Speedbump Tim and Mandy’s Drive Out Jaguars on the Farm Judges Training Session Jaguar Land Rover Unveils New JLR Corporate Identity as it Accelerates Modern Luxury Vision READ IT

June 2023

Gene speaks! Drive to circumnavigate Mt Hood Read it here: 2019 I-Pace vs 2022/2023 Pizza Bash Twenty-fifth Auto Jumble Jaguars on the Farm “British Invasion” set for June 17 READ IT

May 2023

Gene speaks! Wood-Fired Pizza Party Read it here: How my Favorite Car of all Time, the Electric Jaguar I-Pace, Died Museum of Flight Event New Monarch’s First Royal Challenge “British Invasion” set for June 17 READ IT

April 2023

Gene speaks! Museum of Flight Event Read it here: Creating a Buying and Owning Experience in the Metaverse JCNA Annual General Meeting JCNA Report: AGM San Francisco Attention All Judges and Potential Judges! From Concept to Creation Event READ IT