August 2023 – Jaguars on the Farm, Write-Up and Photos

Text : Carl Foleen     Photos: Carl Foleen Saturday, August 12th brought clear skies and (for most Oregonians) rather too warm temperatures. Fortunately those arrived after the JOCO Summer Picnic (AKA “Jags on the Lawn”), which was generously hosted by JOCO treasurer Mark Hull along with his lovely and vivacious wife Rhonda. A special […]

July 2023 – Tour Around Mount Hood, Write-Up and Photos

Text : Carl Foleen     Photos: Sharon Case and Carl Foleen As usual, things do not necessarily go to plan, even with a relatively early start to the day. Specifically, Google Maps may find the fastest route from one place to another, but it has yet to have the ability to predict minor traffic […]

June 2023 – Tour to Olympic Peninsula, Write-Up and Photos

Text and photos: Carl Foleen Our day stated relatively early for retired folks, we were excited to be joining the trip, since I had indicated our participation as soon as I learned that Doug Jackson from the Seattle Jaguar Club (SJC) had proposed the drive-out in the early months of this year. We couldn’t sleep […]

June 2023 – Tour through Canby and Feyrer, Write-Up and Photos

Text and photos: Carl Foleen The Group Two Stone Cliff Inn Drive-out: A Theatre of the Absurd Horror Story In One Act by Alf Weider-Seine and Gen. K. Oss As the start of most events go, this one was right up there at the top of the “Promising to be Great” list. However, as a […]

May 2023 – Bill’s and Claudia’s Pizza Bash, Write-Up and Photos

Text and photos: Carl Foleen Last summer JOCO board member Bill Relya and his charming wife Claudia hosted a “pizza fest” for JOCO members at their residence. The event was so successful that it bears repeating, so Saturday, May 20th brought a combined JOCO Board meeting and pizza fest back to the Relya’s residence. The […]

May 11, 2024 – Fort Vancouver, Pearson Field, Kings Cross

Date: May 11th, 2024 Time: 9.30 am Location: Meet in Fort Vancouver Parking Lot (Click for map) Schedule: 10.00 am – Tour Fort Vancouver ∼11.30 am – Pearson Air Museum 12.30 – King’s Cross Automotive Price: $10 is the usual admission but there are numerous exceptions; Spend a day in the good ol’ bawdy, […]

April 22nd, 2023 – The Museum of Flight, Write-Up and Photos

Text and photos: Carl Foleen Saturday, April 22nd dawned overcast and misty in Portland so the roads were wet, and there was plenty of road spray on I-5. Which dictated the use of “daily drivers” for at least a few of the JOCO contingent, while others decided this was a perfect time to get their […]

April 20th, 2024 – Spring Shakedown

Date: April 20th, 2024 Time: Meet at 8.30 AM – We’ll leave promptly at 9.00 AM. Location:  Near Dutch Brothers in the Parkrose Hardware parking lot (Click for map) Join us for a thrilling spring shakedown drive! We’ll embark on an adventure starting in West Linn, winding our way over Pete’s Mountain, Parrett Mountain, and Bald […]

April 13, 2024 – Lubrication Fundamentals

Date: April 13th , 2024 Time: 3.00 PM Location: Amalfi’s Italian Restaurant, The Chianti Room (Click for address) What you will learn: Understanding base oils and additives What to look for in an oil technical data sheet Do you have to use Jaguar’s recommended oil? Is the Jaguar recommended oil the best oil for vehicle […]