December 10th, 2023 – Christmas Party, Write-Up and Photos

December 10th, 2023 – Christmas Party, Write-Up and Photos

Words by “Slick” Clutchplate  –  Images by Manual Phocus

   What a way to send out the old year! Great food, great friends, delicious food, and a wonderful night to share it all.

The Portland City Grill was host to this year’s event, and they know how to host an event! We enjoyed truly superb service, the freshest food (any dietary concerns carefully attended to or corrected, if need be), and we had plenty of room to roam around and talk, toast one another, and meet our benefactor’s special representatives from JLR Portland (who actually supplemented the meal, thankyouverymuch).

Manual Phocus was observed in several locations throughout the room during the festivities, usually seen “flashing” several folks over the course of the evening.

   The view of a somewhat troubled city was still delightful from 30 floors up, and only the most acrophobic steered clear of the windows. (Guess who forgot to use his polarizing filter when taking photos of the city at night?)

Gene had some brief remarks for those present, appropriately thanking  his bride Sarah for all her support and “behind the scenes work” supporting his year in office; then JLR Portland for a lovely holiday gift: A custom 2024 photo calendar (big enough to keep all your social events organized) filled with what can only be described as “scrumptious” photos of our favourite marque. Aficionados will probably want to matte their favorite images once the year is over…this calendar is truly a “keeper.” (Side note: If you missed this year’s event, more calendars will be available at the upcoming AGM, but supplies could be limited.) ‘Nuff said, word to the wise, and all that jazz. He thanked his board members for their work this year, and highlighted some of the events both past and present. He even had a clever acknowledgment of the ten members present that have been in the club the longest; among those attending, Glen Enright’s four digit JCNA number was right at the top of the list – WOW! that’s a few years.

Good-byes and holiday wishes were expressed as everyone made their way to the elevators to head back out into the evening and drive home.

Last but not least: We are all very grateful for Carl’s exceptional reporting and fantastic photos from our events during the year!

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