June 22th, 2024 – Jags on the Farm with Drive

June 22th, 2024 – Jags on the Farm with Drive

Party – Jaguars on the Farm

Date: June 22nd, 2024

Time: 2.00 PM for Drive

Drive Meeting Location: Jamba Juice by intersection between Scholls Ferry Road and Murray Blvd (Click for Map)

Party location (if you prefer to drive directly): 6981 SW Bracken Dr, Cornelius, OR 97113 (Click for Map)

Rex and Susie are hosting Jags on the Farm and you are invited. What could be better than getting together with other Jag fans on a beautiful summer afternoon for food, fun and fellowship? We will meet at 2.00 PM at Jamba Juice and the drive will be less than 2 hours, to arrive approximately at 4.00 PM at Rex and Susie’s house for mixing and mingling with a potluck dinner starting at 5.00 PM.

The drive will have a short stop for a bathroom break and is designed to be a relaxing drive with some twisty roads, some elevation changes and Oregon’s spectacular views and forest roads to exercise our Jags. Details will be provided; turn by turn instructions, route maps and electronic route via an App instructions, to all that sign up.

Rex has dedicated the upper mown pasture for displaying all the cats that we will drive to the event. We will have a corn hole challenge, badminton, garden Bocce or just relaxing and chatting together by the fire pit. Who knows, after dinner the adventurous might even get into some Karaoke in the gazebo. The main course will be made by Susie. (You do not want Rex involved in this.)

It’s a potluck so bring along your delicious side dish, salad or dessert. We will have tables and chairs but it probably wouldn’t hurt to bring along your favorite, folding chair just in case.

Please call Rex Schneider for more party information. If you have questions regarding the drive, you can contact Rick Martin or Tim Ashcroft (Please see JOCO Roster for phone number).

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