May 11, 2024 – Fort Vancouver, Pearson Field, Kings Cross

May 11, 2024 – Fort Vancouver, Pearson Field, Kings Cross

Date: May 11th, 2024

Time: 9.30 am

Location: Meet in Fort Vancouver Parking Lot (Click for map)


10.00 am – Tour Fort Vancouver

∼11.30 am – Pearson Air Museum

12.30 – King’s Cross Automotive


$10 is the usual admission but there are numerous exceptions;

Spend a day in the good ol’ bawdy, heady days of the “Wild Wild West”, starting with a romp through Fort Vancouver’s debaucherous history.  During its heyday, the Fort was run by that wild-eyed rebel John McLoughlin.  Yes, THAT John McLoughlin.  Expect to see, and possibly learn, how the “old-timers” explored the deep, untamed bush and expanded into the new Oregon territory.

After that we’ll move to the Pearson Air Museum.  While relatively small, there is a lot packed into this museum.  There are a handful of World War I era aircraft and a plethora of displays recounting the exploits of adventurers, explorers and an unhealthy dose of war preparations.

Next we will walk across the street to “King’s Cross Automotive”, where a staff member will show us around their facility and take a look at some of their projects.  Specializing in British vehicles of all makes, models and eras, King’s Cross always has several.

When I visited, in preparation for this visit, I saw McLarens, Aston-Martins, Jaguars, a Rolls-Royce and a couple of Land Rovers.  Beauty wherever you look!

Lunch is not provided but there are many excellent food choices less than a 5-minute drive away.

Due to space considerations, a maximum of 20 people will be allowed in this event. 

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