May 2023 – Bill’s and Claudia’s Pizza Bash, Write-Up and Photos

May 2023 – Bill’s and Claudia’s Pizza Bash, Write-Up and Photos

Text and photos: Carl Foleen

Last summer JOCO board member Bill Relya and his charming wife Claudia hosted a “pizza fest” for JOCO members at their residence. The event was so successful that it bears repeating, so Saturday, May 20th brought a combined JOCO Board meeting and pizza fest back to the Relya’s residence.

The first order of business was the club’s business. A board meeting was convened just after 1600 hours (or 4 PM if you prefer), with JOCO President Gene Owens presiding.

The club’s business, having been dispatched at almost exactly at 1700 hours (or 5 PM if you prefer), fortuitously concluded just as club members were beginning to arrive with various foods and beverages to contribute to the festivities. Bill had previously warmed the wood-fired pizza oven and it wasn’t too long before pizza slices had been garnished (or “personalized” if you will) to taste and were being “heat treated” and consumed with gusto (or the beverage of one’s choice).

In all, about thirty members made an appearance at this years event, and the accompanying photos (generously provided by the club’s staph photographer F. Stop Fitzgerald) document the fun and fellowship, that the attending members enjoyed. Many thanks to Bill and Claudia for once again hosting this event and generously contributing a substantial portion of the food and beverages for this event.

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